Finles Melanion Fund

The Fund is managed according an Absolute Return type approach. However capital appreciation is the primary objective of the Fund.

The Fund will have an equity type like risk profile. To achieve this, the Fund will mainly target long/short trading strategies. The predominant strategy in the Fund will be Dividend Futures.

The Fund operates globally but the investment focus will predominantly be on Europe. The portfolio can be composed of long and short positions in listed equities, non-listed equities, listed money market instruments, listed derivatives (e.g. dividend futures, equity options and futures), over the counter ("OTC") derivatives such as total return swaps and investments in other investment funds.

The Fund is not tied to a benchmark nor will it track a specified index.

Finles Capital Management is the Fund Manager of the Fund and Melanion Capital is the Investment Advisor to the Fund.

Fund Information

  • Inception date : November 3, 2014
  • Fund can only accept persons or entities who are "qualified investors" (gekwalificeerde beleggers)
  • Minimum investment : EUR 100.000,-
  • NAV : Monthly


Financial information

 The financial information is mentioned for investors only. Login available with the Investment manager.

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