Finles Global Opportunities Fund B.V.

The Fund will have the capability to invest in a number of asset classes including equities (both listed and unlisted), fixed income and currencies. The Fund may invest in physical positions in these asset classes or may obtain exposure through derivatives (both exchange traded and over the counter contracts). The Fund also may invest in short term money market instruments for cash management purposes or have cash on deposit. The Fund’s objective is to create a positive return for investors through capital appreciation as well as from income generated by the Fund assets. It is expected that the Fund’s core investment strategy will be taking long positions in equities.

If the Fund holds investments denominated in currencies other than the euro, this entails a foreign exchange risk. The Investment Manager may therefore decide, on behalf of the Fund, to hedge foreign exchange risks if it considers this to be in the interest of the Fund.

The Fund may also enter into securities lending activities to earn additional fee income and enhance the returns of the Fund.

The Fund is not tied to a benchmark nor will it track a specified index.

Fund Information

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