Chatham European Equities Fund

The Chatham European Equities Fund is Liquidated July 31, 2016.


The Fund maintains a diversified and balanced portfolio that is composed of long and short positions in listed equities, listed money market instruments, listed derivatives (e.g. equity options and futures) and over the counter ("OTC") derivatives such as total return swaps.

The Fund wants to maintain market neutral equity market exposure. Capital preservation is the primary objective of the Fund.

The investment policy is based on the belief that equity markets show inefficiencies and thus provide arbitrage opportunities to investors without being exposed to market risk. Focus at the long side of the portfolio will primarily be on so called "value" equities. General equity market risk will be hedged as much as possible, through the listed and OTC derivative markets.

The Fund will also enter into securities lending and securities borrowing transactions to actively enhance the returns of the Fund.

The Fund has a global investment universe, but intends to primarily focus on Europe. The Fund is not tied to a benchmark nor is it set up to outperform any kind of peer group.



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